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Lyca: Your Trusted Partner For Reliable Post Tension Scanning Services

Lyca established itself as a leading provider of engineering survey services in Dubai through comprehensive survey services and concrete scanning. We provide efficient post-tension scanning services to ensure the safety and integrity of your concrete structures. Our expertise and commitment to offer precision and reliability through our survey services position us as the ideal partner for post tension scanning requirements for your projects. What Exactly Is Post Tension Scanning Service?

Post-tensioning is a prominent technique of construction that leverages the high-strength steel tendons to reinforce concrete structures. These steel tendons are stretched and then anchored at both ends by applying a compressive force to the concrete and enhancing the long-bearing capacity of the tendons. Besides, PT scanning or services are often employed in various applications such as-

  • High-rise buildings 
  • Long span bridges
  • Parking structures
  • Precast concrete elements

What's The Importance Of PT Scanning For Your Projects?

With the time post tension systems can come across to the deterioration. It could be because of various factors such as cracking, corrosion, and improper grouting. That's why regular PT scanning is essential before doing any modification, drilling, coring work for several reasons, like-

This mandatory before drilling on the floor or coring or cutting the slab

Early detection of anomalies within the PT system through post tension scanning provides timely intervention and repair. This leads to prevention of costly and potentially dangerous structural failures.

Ensure structural integrity

PT scanning helps to maintain the structural integrity of your building. As it verifies the accurate position and depth of tendons for safety measures. This ultimately safeguard occupants and assets affiliated to the structure.

Facilitated informed decision-making

Accurate and reliable PT scanning data empires engineers and building owners. As it assists them to make informed decisions regarding maintenance, repair, or potential replacement of PT systems.

Lyca's PT Scanning Services

Lyca leverages the revolutionized Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology to deliver reliable and accurate post tension scanning and concrete scanning services. GPR is a non-destructive technique that emits electromagnetic waves and analyzes their reflections to generate a detailed image of the subsurface elements within concrete. This advanced method validate various advantages for Post tension solutions, such as-

Non destructive outcome
Traditional methods usually require invasive procedures. But with GPR scanning technology project owners can avoid the drilling or core sampling, and minimize disruption. Also, it helps them to eliminate the risk of damage to the PT system.

Rapid data collection
GPR scanning allows for efficient data collection. Moreover, it minimizes the downtime and makes sure your project timeline stays on track.

Accurate results
Our professional team of technicians is devoted to delivering you precise and accurate data. Hence, they utilize advanced GPR equipment and generate precise and detailed images by eminent software solutions. A detailed and precise image of the PT system offers clear insights into the location, conditions, and potential anomalies within the tendons and grouting.

Benefits Of Choosing Lyca For Your PT Scanning Requirements

Experienced and certified technicians
Our team comprises highly skilled and certified professionals with extensive experience in PT scanning and GPR technology.

Revolutionized techniques and technologies
We, at Lyca, utilize the state-of-the-art GPR equipment and software solutions, in order to ensure reliability and accuracy of our eminent post tension services.

Comprehensive services
We provide our invaluable clients a wide range of comprehensive PT scanning services. That is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your projects.

Detailed and precise reporting
Our eminent reports offer clear and concise information about the findings of the PT scan. This involves detailed images, data analysis, and recommendations for further action.

Commitment to safety
For us safety and security is the foremost aspect, hence, we prioritize safety throughout the entire PT scanning procedure. This involves the adherence to strict safety protocols and industry specified best practices.

As one of the leading post tension companies in Dubai, Lyca is dedicated to delivering exceptional value to our clients. We are well known for the critical role of PT scanning, hence, ensure the safety and longevity of your structure. With our expertise and advanced technologies we are committed to quality and reliability for our customers. Ultimately, we are striving each and every day to be your trusted partner for engineering survey services in Dubai.

Contact Lyca, One Of The Prominent Post Tension Companies In Dubai, And Ensure Your Structure Integrity

For reliable and comprehensive PT scanning services in dubai, contact Lyca today.and ensure your structure integrity. As our team of experts is 24/7 available to discuss your project's specific requirements and offer you customized post tension solutions. We are looking forward to partnering with you in order to ensure your post tension concrete structures.

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