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Concrete Scanning || Concrete Coring

Welcome to Lyca, your trusted premier partner in survey engineering services. We are a team of professionals who have hands-on experience in survey engineering services like concrete scanning. Experience our top-tier precision with our ground penetrating radar (GPR) concrete scanning services. With our advanced technology and expertise, we provide safety, accuracy, and efficiency to your projects. Redefine your approach to subsurface investigation for renovation, construction, and infrastructure projects with our specialized and customized scanning solutions.

Concrete Scanning and Coring

In-Depth Subsurface Insight

We leverage the advanced capabilities of GPR concrete scanning to offer unparalleled insights into the hidden elements within concrete structures. This technique allows for clear and accurate detection and visualization of rebar, consults, and other concealed elements. This leads us to have invaluable information for informed decision-making on various aspects of projects.

Concrete Scanning and Coring

Non-Destructive Assessment

Preserve the integrity of your structure with our non-destructive GPR concrete scanning services unlike traditional methods that require invasive procedures. It reduces the risk of damage on structural integrity of the material as well as provides critical data for project planning and execution.

Concrete Scanning and Coring

Accurate Depth Determination

Gain actual and precise information about the depth of subsurface features. As GPR technology enables us to achieve accurate depth information within concrete. Depth determination is essential to have effective project planning and execution. Besides, it permits you to make informed decisions affiliated to coring, drilling, and other construction activities.

Concrete Scanning and Coring

Rapid and Efficient Data Collection

Our commitment to efficient project execution is fueled with our rapid data collection operation. GPR concrete scanning services streamlines your project timelines as it permits gathering of subsurface information and reduces the disruptions to your construction or renovation schedule. It enables real-time decision making based on the up-to-date subsurface information and makes sure your project stays on track.

Concrete Scanning and Coring

Comprehensive Utility Mapping

Extending beyond concrete assessment, Lyca, a concrete coring company’s GPR services provide comprehensive mapping of utilities. This capability allows us to detect and precisely locate hidden utilities within or underneath concrete structures. It significantly minimizes the risk of accidental utility damage during construction or renovations, as well as enhances the overall safety of the project.

Concrete Scanning and Coring

Versatile Applications

The versatility of our GPR concrete scanning services validate its efficient applications in a wide range of scenarios. This involves tasks like structural assessments, building maintenance, and infrastructure maintenance. Whether you are in need of information regarding construction planning, infrastructure maintenance, or historical preservation efforts, GPR technology offers valuable insights for diverse surveying engineering needs.

Concrete Scanning and Coring

Integration with CAD and BIM

We, at Lyca, understand the importance of seamless integration with revolutionized construction workflow. We ensure a smooth integration of GPR concrete scanning data into your computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) systems. This allows you to incorporate precise subsurface information within your design and construction processes. Also, it fosters accurate and efficient project lifecycle.

Concrete Scanning and Coring

Consultation and Collaboration

Collaborate with our well-versed experienced surveying professionals who have hands-on experience in complexities and practical applications of GPR technology. We are devoted to offer facilitated surveying services to our clients with expert counsel on how GPR concrete scanning can optimize your project planning, also ensure safety and efficiency.

How our GPR technology enable concrete scanning services will help you in your project success

In your construction, infrastructure, or renovation projects, Lyca, a concrete coring company, will serve you with various advantages that eventually lead you to have successful projects.

Concrete scanning
With advanced scanning technology we detect post-tension cables, conduits, and rebars that are embedded in the concrete slabs and walls.

Core drilling
The method that is used to create perfect cylindrical holes in several materials like masonry, asphalt, concrete, and metal is known as core drilling.

Wall scanning
Analyze and interpret what is beneath concrete with wall scanning, as it is made easier with Lyca scanning services.

Floor sawing
Floor sawing, also referred to as slab sawing, is a technique for concrete cutting. It is used to generate clean, straight cuts in horizontal surfaces like floors, pavements, roads, bridges, and floor.

Earth pit boring
Earth pit boring is a process in which a pit is drilled into the ground for several purposes like installation of utilities, geotechnical investigation, and other construction operations.

Floor sawing cutting
In order to deliver precise and reliable results we leverage the most efficient scanning equipment and renowned techniques for floor sawing cutting services.

Contact Lyca, a concrete coring agency in Dubai for specific requirements of your project. Our team of experts is dedicated to offer you comprehensive solutions and expert guidance on concrete scanning solutions. As a reputed concrete coring agency in Dubai we empower you to have successful projects of construction, renovation, or infrastructure projects with our comprehensive and customized scanning services.

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